I was doing some house work today and needed some music to jam to. I came across my copy of Mudvayne's "L.D. 50" which is one of the greatest albums of all time. As I started listening to the album I forgot just how could that album is. And it makes me wonder if Mudvayne looks at that album and remembers how good they were.

Now before people start jumping on to me about how many bands have changed their sound and have worked out for them, this is not the case with Mudvayne.

Here is my example, take a band like Slipknot that has produced 4 very different sounding albums. Some to the praise of critics and some not to the fans. But we all agree that the 4 Slipknot albums are all very good.

Think back to 2000, not whole a lot was happening in rock and roll. Slipknot hadn't made it to radio yet, we were still a year away from Drowning Pool's "Sinner" and Disturbed "The Sickness" was just breaking waves.

Out of nowhere here comes a band called Mudvayne that drops us on our heads with music we have never heard before. when you finally see the video the band looks absolutely insane. The crazy make-up and the killer stage presence, it was absolutely nuts!

Mudvayne has released 4 other albums since their 2000 onslaught "L.D. 50" have yet to recapture the greatness that they had. The closest they have came was 2005 "Lost And Found." Dont get me wrong I am a huge Mudvayne fan, I just cant help to think "what if?"

Because I really don't like seeing lead vocalist Chad Gray as a cowboy.