If you thought your smartphone couldn’t suck more time out of your day, think again. Now it has a machine gun attachment, ho ho ho.

The Xappr Gun is the first peripheral that attaches to your iPhone or Android device to turn it into a true gun gaming experience.

The Xappr Gun uses the phone’s motion sensitive technology to provide true immersion gameplay with augmented reality.

That means it uses the phone’s camera to provide the game-place space to shoot up your boring, dull existence without the consequence of losing your apartment’s deposit or facing a felony weapons charge.

Right now, the gun is only scheduled to work with four gun-game apps:  a UFO shooter, an aerial defense shooter, a kiddie bug spraying game and a real-time military-style multiplayer shooter that is currently in beta testing.

The Xappr won’t be released until this summer, but its developers are offering a discount for pre-orders at their website.

[Via Thrillist]