Health nuts and busybodies want you to get rid of corn syrup, salt, and who knows what all else.  Now, they want to take away that staple of the backyard grill-the hot dog.  Read more after the break.

USA Today is reporting that a group called "the cancer project" is saying that "hot dogs are as dangerous as cigarettes".  But wait, it gets worse------MUCH WORSE!  Their problem is with all processed red meats including ham, sausage and BACON!  The group says these meats increase your risk of colorectal cancer (not a fun disease) and the salt in them could lead to hypertension and blah, blah, blah....snooze.

The group recommends you limit your hot dog intake to one or two a month (I can't limit myself to less than three in one sitting).

Man, there are many ways to live this thing we call "life".  Is it a "life" without organ meats?  I personally accept the risks and choose to move full steam ahead.  Despite the odds, I'd rather live a full life that is a bit shorter than a long life as a complete and total p#ssy. My apologies to you health nuts.  You guys are just as free to live your life the way you want as I am, but stay the hell out of my business or I will put a boot in your healthy colorectal area.