As everyone knows, today was the first day of class, not only for local public schools but also for hundreds of students at Tech. No doubt, many parents got calls or text messages from their kids today either complaining about having to be in class or maybe just asking for lunch.

Our house was no different, except for this message we got from Woody's oldest who is in her second year at Tech... " today in physics I learned about Tycho Brahe, a guy from the 1500's who's posse consisted of a drunken moose and a dwarf..."

Her next message said "... A MOOSE!!! And not just ANY moose, a drunk moose! That sounds like something straight out of a Disney movie...the Drunken Moose and the Dwarf... They lived in a castle with a crazy scientist who discovered nothing..."

She remembered his name, so I guess that's a good sign she learned something today.