Let's get real. Lubbock is far from being "The Most Boring City In America", but yeah, it's pretty boring.  I just don't think we're #1.  Anywhoo, how about a list of things to do in Lubbock when you're bored?

Ronald Martinez, Getty Images "People are dying to get in here"

So what do you on a day or night when there's nothing to do in Lubbock?  I have some suggestions, enjoy.

*Go around the inside lane of the Loop with your left blinker on. Watch other motorists try to figure out where you're going.

*Tear a pair of panties in half (side to side), resew them back together on the Buddy Holly Statue.

*Stand on the side of the Marsha Sharp Highway yelling "One, One, One". When someone asks what you're doing, hit them in the face and start yelling "Two, Two, Two".

*Organize a "Tour D' Walmart" bike race.  The first person to tag every Walmart gets a gift card to somewhere other than Walmart.

*Set in the median of any intersection with a small headset on.  Try to get the cars to "give you their order".

*Spend a day upgrading the signs for the panhandlers.  Offer them extra cash to hold up the really offensive ones.

*Create a memorial diorama of the Strip out of Legos. Don't forget to get really boozed up while you do it.

*Get really drunk or high at a party and just start saying "Abner Euresti" over and over again (trust me, it get's really funny after a bit).

*Weld a bunch of lawn chairs and/or random metal together.  Place it by one of the Loop on ramps, wait and see how long it take for somebody to realize that it's not "official" art.

*Gather up all the dust that's blown into your house, try to return it to it's original location.

What about you guys?  Do you guys have some ideas for fun stuff to do in Lubbock when you're bored?  Well then, post it on our Facebook!