Braulio Castillo, CEO of Strong Castle Inc. And he is using his "active duty injury" to get government benefits for himself and his business. But its all BS!

He's claiming that he was injured on active duty, and therefore deserves these veteran's benefits for himself and his business. He injured his foot, claiming he broke it, at a military prep school playing football. He went on to play football in college so it must not have been that bad of an injury.

And yet he claims that because it was at a military prep school, it was therefore an active duty injury, and he is entitled to veteran's benefits for his "service". He actually wrote in a letter to the VA to help get him the benefits and said "These are crosses that I bear due to my service to our great country and I would do it again to protect this great country," and it worked! he's been getting those undeserved benefits for years too.

That may all end soon, after he faced the wrath of decorated war hero, Iraq war veteran, and Illinois Representative Tammy Duckworth, who lost both her legs and the use of her right arm while serving as a helicopter pilot in Iraq. This is a congressional bitch-slap of I've ever seen one. You kick ass Ms. Duckworth!