I'd like to remind you once again about the impact of buying American. On ABC news, they said that everybody spent an extra $3.33 on American made gifts, that it would create something like 10,000 jobs.  The question is, why stop at just one American-made present?


Think about it, when you buy American you are not only giving a gift to a person, you are helping to give jobs to other Americans and helping yourself in the long run. I think I've been pretty outspoken in my disgust of what Xmas has become, but buying things with a deeper meaning is a pretty darn good way to get things back on track.

Not everyone on your list wants a specific item that is only made in a certain place. You probably have a few people on your list where the decision on what to get is totally up to you. This is the perfect opportunity to make a selection that is American made.

I'm still all about making Xmas a time where you devote time, gifts or cash to the less fortunate humans and animals, but if you're a "gifter," I encourage you to take things to the next level by buying American.