It's very cool to play AC/DC on bagpipes. In fact, some AC/DC songs have featured bagpipes.  This guy takes everything a step further.  Not only do you get the song on bagpipes, the bagpipes shoot fire! (The code on this video was bad on this initially, so here it is in all it's glory!)

I want to start a band right now and this guy will be my bagpipe player.  I don't even think it will matter what we play, it will already be the coolest band that has every existed.  Do you think you're metal? You're still not as metal as this guy. This guy is more metal than iron wrapped in steel then covered with diamondplate and put inside a titanium time capsule with is sealed with metal from space that doesn't even have a name yet.  Watch this guy rock a little "Thunderstruck" on the bagpipes, with FIRE!