I guess you can file this one under, "for the lazy fat ass in us all!" Because the strain of lifting those gigantic, extremely heavy pieces of popcorn was causing so many injuries, along comes a true snack hero! Meet The Popinator!

Yes this is an actual, voice-activated, popcorn feeding machine. Never mind the fact that just might make us all even lazier than before, do you see the awesome in this thing? I mean really, we all have spent hours perfecting the popcorn toss and catch with our mouths, while subsequently half blinding ourselves with butter and salt sticking to our eyeballs.
The really cool thing is that the machine will "listen" for where the voice command comes from and rotate to that direction, while alternately adjusting the firing strength to shoot the popcorn the proper distance. NASA where were you on this technology? Sleeping I assume.
Sit back and let the "amazeballs" soak in...