This is one of those things you probably wouldn't even notice if we didn't tell you about it.  When school starts we push our most risque material back and forward to give you some 'earmuffs' hours.  We are always going to have boisterous fun, and rarely do we censor ourselves, but when it's time for school, we generally keep it clean between  seven and eight-thirty.  More after the jump.

Don't get me wrong, we do the same kinds of material we always do, we just make a greater effort to shuffle stuff to early and later in the morning.  We want you to be able to blast the rock while you take the kids to school without worrying too much about whats being said on the radio.  Yeah, we're going to slip up, but I'm sure you've stubbed your toe and let out a choice word or two.

You may also have caught wind of the fact that we quit broadcasting in other markets.  It just wasn't for us.  We're happy that a lot of listeners from both those towns now listen to us on the stream or on radio pup, but doing three brand new shows a day was just wearing us out and having multiple bosses was wearing us out more.  So what does this mean to you?  Well, maybe nothing, but we're much more available on the phone and on Facebook each morning.

Some d.j.s think it's a little cheesy to play songs for extra special occasions.  First off, we're not d.j.s.  We are two guys who happened to end up on the radio. We enjoy being a part of our listeners special occasions.  Yeah, we can't help everybody out, but we can try.

We also want to know when something is going down in your neighborhood or during your drive.  If an accident is blocking your way, chances are a lot of listeners are concerned or at least inconvenienced.

You are also welcome to call when you need a concert date, want to know when a giveaway is happening or whatever.

We're ready to rock the adults and the kids for the 2012 school year...let's do this thing!