I think much to much is made of Buddy's legacy THESE days; it's just too much too late.  Read more after the break.

Just some random thoughts on Buddy's birthday.


Buddy would have been 75.  He probably would be dead again by now.

I think he would've divorced Maria and shacked up with a younger gal.

He would probably play sh#tty country music for an hour, then play a ten minute encore of his hits.

I'm sure he would have said something that would make the entire town shun him.  He probably would have spoke up for Natalie Maines at least.

He would say the statue makes him feel uncomfortable.

He would be a spokesman for Lasik surgery.

He would have been a featured guitarist and/or vocalist on at least one Paul McCartney solo album and/or they would have made an entire album of duets.

He would be in the new revised lineup of the Traveling Wilburys with Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and Eric Clapton.

He just wouldn't "want the fuss" and just want to make music.

He'd probably have relocated to Nashville and be working as a songwriter.

He'd say, "I'm never getting on another g@ddamn plane as long as I live."


What are your thoughts? What do you think Buddy would be doing now?