There is no music news here. I'm sure someone will be along with some shortly.  I would also like to state that NO ONE is forcing you to read this, if so, please call 911 immediately.

So Mr. Robertson voiced some rather controversial thoughts about homosexuality in a recent interview.  He has every right to express his views.  The company that pays him to be on t.v. has a right to express their views as does the advertisers, the viewers and so on.  The great thing about America is EVERYONE can express their views, no matter if they're true, hateful, religious, satanic, stupid, intelligent, or any other classification that you could possibly think of.  And guess what?  BOTH SIDES and every little place in the middle deserve to say what they want said.

Now, some want to come down on the t.v. channel for putting Phil on "hiatus" for a bit.  First off, I'm betting that means nothing, the current season is already in the can and ready for broadcast.  Even then, to paraphrase my friend JJT, in real life you don't get to take a giant dump on your bosses desk and walk away unscathed (for those of you who can, please go do it now).

Lastly, Mr. Robertson obviously didn't care that America found out his opinions.  In his view he is just speaking in line with his personal ministry (and widespread Christian beliefs).  He WANTS you to know he's not okay with it.  Well, the people buying all that Duck Dynasty stuff deserve to know what they are supporting or not supporting as well.  Somewhere along the line you've probably quit buying something from somebody because it was tested on animals or because a franchise screwed your cousin over for a job, or because they forgot your fries.  Reasonably intelligent people realize that money is how you really express your opinion on things.

I express unpopular opinions all the time and I get more than my fair share of "I'm never going to listen to you again" threats from people (almost all of which never listened to me in the first place).  The crazy thing is, every time I make a large chunk of people mad I get more popular than ever before.  This latest controversy is going to make these guys more popular with their fan base than every before, plus NOW there's going to be a bunch of people watching them to make fun of them or see what terrible thing they might do next.

So I have strong opinions on this topic, but I don't think they fit in this blog.  I might put them in the comments or something, but the bottom line is simple.  Don't cry "freedom of speech"  unless you're going to let EVERYONE from EVERY SIDE have "freedom of speech".  It's a two-way street.

If you're new to this story, here's CNN with a synopsis.