So this numbnuts took offense to something I wrote.  WELCOME TO THE INTERNET!  So he get's all hot headed and I get my ONE MILLIONTH CUSTOMER (cut to scene with balloons and confetti) TO THREATEN ME.   Then it's on to the same old crap.

Me With My Big Fat Mouth Open Again.

So this guy goes on and on on how he won't stop until he ruins me or exposes me or whatever and blah, blah, blah.  You see, I've heard all of this crap a hundred times before. I hear it probably a half dozen times a year.  People used to call up on the phone (before caller I.D.) and make these threats and hang up.  I have literally been hearing this nonsense since 1981.  THEN, what you hear is stuff like "but I'm not like other people, I'm for real...." or something to that effect. At that point I just have to roll my eyes because I hear that line every single time too.

It reminds me of this (VERY GRAPHIC) scene from the Devil's Rejects. I'm talking about when the victim says "F- you" to the villain (about 2:14 in). The villain has literally heard it so many times that he's almost bored with it.

So the point being is, threats are a way a life for me.  Oh, there is also the fact that no one has come forward to claim their prize, ever.  So, I don't even bother looking both ways when I leave work anymore.

Next up, you guys who listen or read my blogs know me.  It's sad, but my whole life is already out there. There's no secrets. Heathen and I have even claimed to do a lot of stuff we've never really done on air. That's right, we've MADE UP "dirty little secrets" about ourselves. The other day I was talking about "snorting mocaine" which I had just heard about a day or two before in a Doug Stanhope bit.  I literally can't think of anything wrong or embarrassing I've done that hasn't already ended up on air.

I write all this because in the age of Facebook many of you are dealing with things like this for the very first time. You express one opinion and some joker wants to fight you in a parking lot. I'm telling you to not worry about it.  You may hit the lottery and find the one guy who is stupid enough to admit to a crime on the internet before it happens, but chances are very unlikely that anything will happen.  The truth is, with fights of whatever sort, it's always the fighter that suffers; they're the ones who go to jail, get sued or find themselves on the wrong end of your friends.

So at the end of the day, don't be afraid to express your views and opinions, sure some people are going to take offense, but that's on them.  As long as you are true to your heart and are not intentionally trying to hurt someone, you'll be happier with yourself in the long run.  Be brave and be vocal and also remember, even then, you're just expressing an opinion.