Nightmare On 19th Street is becoming one of the biggest "draws" in Lubbock.  We are pleased to offer a relatively new form of entertainment, the modern day "haunted attraction" (or in our case FOUR haunted attractions).

So here's three important things to remember when visiting Nightmare On 19th Street.

*Plan on making an evening of it.  This isn't the old Jaycees haunted house.  We have four attractions, even on a slow night that's a lot to experience.  It's hard to say how much time you spend inside each individual haunted attraction (because some people rush through and others go as slow as possible) but you take that time, a little time to get your tickets, a little time to explore the midway, a little more time to take advantage of the photo ops and before you know it, you're in the ninety minute range.  Also, don't forget, you'll be on your feet so wear comfortable shoes!

*Bring friends.  This isn't just an attempt to increase our attendance. Half the fun seems to be in watching your friends get scared. It's also the PERFECT date night fun, because  your body releases the same endorphins when it's scared as when you're in love.

*Let yourself go. You have to give yourself permission to be scared and enjoy yourself. You don't need to get 'macho' and bow up on actors, trust me, you just look silly trying to be a badass with someone dressed like a mummy.  Just get into the spirit and have a blast!