There are a couple of interesting things happening at the FMX Big Purple Party.  Do you want to guess?  They involve, The Toadies, Kill Devil Hill, Hellyeah, Killswitch Engage and Devil You Know.  Click through when you get ready.

Well the first interesting thing is that The Toadies are scheduled to play their "Rubberneck" album front to back for the 20th anniversary of it's release. That is going to be WAY cool.

Next, it's the meeting up of ex-band members.   Devil You Know features ex-Killswitch Engage member Howard Jones.  Kill Devil Hill features Rex Brown from Pantera and Hellyeah features Vinnie Paul from Pantera.

These are just some of the killer details that we have a hard time getting to when there's so many bands on the bill. Get  the full details on the show here.