This past weekend was the annual Carol Of Lights at Tech, next weekend is the annual Christmas at the Ranch and the 34th Street Christmas Parade on Saturday night, then comes Santa Land and each day closer to Christmas means the area church's will soon begin their celebrations as well.

I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of annual holiday events, I've never been to the Carol of Lights, I was forced to go to the Candle Light at The Ranch last year ( yes, there were terms and it was more of a withholding if I didn't go type situation), about the only yearly tradition I have is going to Santa Land with G.

I was asked to go to a Christmas pageant with live animals one year and was able to get out of it due to a conflict with work. Next time I am going to just refuse and say that Christmas pageants are dangerous!

Check out this video and see what I'm talking about...