The past five days, I have had the opportunity to meet some awesome people who came through the doors at United Blood Services during the annual Blood Driver event to donate.

I have also had the privilege of meeting people who credit blood donations,made by strangers, for being alive. I even met a family who were there to donate on behalf of a family member.

Trust me, seeing the gratitude in the eyes of people who are alive because someone took the time to donate blood makes you realize just how special those who donate are.

So, to those of you who have already been out this week, THANK YOU!

And to those of you who have not been able to make it out during the week, I ask you to please stop by and give that gift of life today so we can end this years Blood Driver with a surplus for the upcoming week.

Everyone who donates will get a limited edition 2013 Blood Driver t-shirt and will be entered to win. When you donate, your registered for a chance to win pick-a-ticket for the 32nd FMX Birthday Bash, the FMX Spring Thing with Volbeat or XFEST10 tickets.

So, get up to UBS (on 48th and University) and give a pint of red. Be a hero, and come out and donate blood at the 8th annual Blood Driver.

2013 Blood Driver at United Blood Services

48th and University (Lubbock, TX)

Saturday 9-2