Today is a sad day for any of us that love Rock and Roll and Heavy Metal. Sadly, on this day in rock history we lost Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott and John Lennon. I love listening to rock stories from fans, DJ's and the musicians that loved them. I hear many stories about how a rock stars aren't the nicest of people, which is very disappointing in our line of business. I am very blessed to have met the "Rock Stars" that I have and have been disappointed with only a few of them.

When people talk about Dimebag, you see this look in their eyes of just happiness and laughter. I have never heard one bad word from anyone that met Dime.

It was on this day seven years ago that Dimebag was murdered on stage in a senseless act of violence that  we as fans, friends and family have yet to understand.

Let us not be sad anymore just take the time to be thankful, either have seeing Dimebag play a show live or you actually got to meet him. If you ever see me out and about I'm usually in my cut-off camo shorts and my left shin is tatted just for Dime.

R.I.P. Brother Dime