Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were one of my first favorite bands.  By "favorite' I mean a band that I followed all through their career, saw multiple times in concert, bought their stuff and more.  For some reason, whether the current trend was rock, new wave or even metal, there always seemed to be room for Tom Petty.  Now, when grunge got big, I wasn't the biggest Nirvana fan, instead I gravitated towards Pearl Jam.  Tom Petty has got a big grumpy in his old age, and Pearl Jam's output tends to be spotted, but live both bands, and both band leaders are undeniable.  Check out some bad-ass jams after the jump.

Petty And Vedder had tours cross in Amsterdam so they decided to join forces.  Someone got some really decent audio and video of the event and I have it for you now.  Notice how Petty has a big ole hit off a joint before he starts jammin' with Eddie (it its Amsterdam after all)