I get asked all the time from bands on how they can get on 9:06 Local Lix. Sometimes all it takes is a message on Facebook.

I don't ask for a whole lot of requirements to be on Local Lix. I'll need a track that is of radio quality, now I'm not asking spending a grand on a song but don't hand me one that's has been recorded in your garage. Secondly think of the length of the song if its more than 4:30 long I probably won't play it. And the final thing watch your language, your getting played on the radio so at least edit yourself and then we will scream vulgar language at each other during your live set.

Now on to tonight's Local Lix artist, Old Nasty Band. I was on my Facebook when Nathan Ray Peoples sent me a message saying how do I get in on Local Lix, I explained to him what I needed and here we are. I am really digging what Old Nasty Band is working with on this track "Headed Down the Rails."

When I asked him about what he wanted to say about his project he said: That whole track is me except for my bassist homer Marquez..my brother Chris price plays harmonica on our acoustic stuff, I pretty much cut everything myself...its hard finding loyal musicians with any kind of heart in it.

Check out some Old Nasty Band and let me know what you think.