We polled you, our fans and listeners, on who you thought the most overrated rock bands of all time were. You answered in a big, and head scratching, way. The majority of the bands that were nominated were newer bands. The majority of this list actually ended up being newer bands, or bands that are still very much active in rock today. That being said, here is your list of the 10 most overrated bands of all time. Don't yell at us if you don't like the list, we're just the messengers of it. Enjoy and let the debate rage on!

  • 10

    System Of A Down

    System of a Down kicks off the list at #10. They have recently returned to playing shows together but I'm not sure how soon they'll hit the states on a huge tour.

  • 9


    Staind hits the top 10 at #9. They have new music out and are touring the country in a big way.

  • 8


    Metallica comes in at #8 on our list of most overrated rock bands of all time. To each their own I guess.

  • 7


    They recently rocked the crap out of Lubbock, but that doesn't keep them off the list though. Coming in at #7 is Disturbed.

  • 6


    AC/DC still tours and makes big money on their tours, but their albums have been less frequent over the years. According to you, our listeners, they land at #6 on the list.

  • 5


    They kicked hair metal bands aside and started the grunge wave of music that took the late 80s and 90s by storm. Nirvana didn't escape our FMX listeners though as they were picked at #5 on the list for Most Overrated Rock bands of all time.

  • 4


    The holiest band on the list. Creed was picked at #4 on the list for most overrated bands of all time by you, our FMX listeners.

  • 3


    They'll appear on many of these types of list. Coming in at #3 is KISS.

  • 2

    Linkin Park

    The boys from Linkin Park just miss out on the top spot as they land at #2. Just for fun, here is them covering Adele's "Rolling in the Deep."

  • 1


    It got to the point where we said enough is enough and to stop nominating them. Seriously, it was like ten in a row. Here they are at #1. NICKELBACK!!!!