We've been having quite a bit of fun poking at the concert critics out there.  It seems that no matter who, where or what is booked, someone is going to find fault of it.  If we gave away free beer, people would complain about the drunks. If we gave away money, it would not be enough.  I guess people just like to complain.

Dan Kitwood, Getty Images

We had to move our Birthday Bash that was literally light years better than the previous location, and STILL we got complaints. With that in mind, I took the most common ones and applied them to this upcoming McCartney show.

So here's the "Top Complaints About Paul Mc Cartney Coming to Lubbock"

* Why is he playing U.S.A.? I rather see him at (fill in the blank).

* If I can't mosh to "Let It Be", then I'm not going.

* I don't like the whole political McCartneyism that I've heard about.

* Why isn't he bringing the rest of the Beatles?

* We just don't need these kids with their loud rock and roll music in our town.

* Mc Cartney, meh...I'm more into Ringo.