Men, this blog is for you... It does not matter how old you are right now, this information will eventually come in very handy to every man regardless of your age my brothers.

Tonight we all piled into the car and heded out for a family dinner. We decided to stop and get a few movies before we went to eat thinking we would have a better choice of titles before everyone else got to the machine and picked all the good ones.

We pulled into the parking lot and parked next to a brand new Corvette with the dealer tags still on it. My first mistake was saying, "man that's a sweet ride..." That you see is when the lesson began...

All four of the girls in my life said, in unison I might add, "yeah if you want everyone to know you're having a mid life crisis."

From that time on I received what I can only describe as a lesson in what women of all ages see as a red flag of a guy going through the "man change" as they dubbed it.

I am going to give the top five signs that make women chuckle at guys "going through the man change..."

5. Using words like, sick, cool, ratchet, dude, bro, sweet... pretty much any word people under 30 use to describe things.

4. Listening to rap music or current rock music (apparently country and classic rock is OK) loud with their windows rolled down.

3. Wearing American Eagle, A&F, DG, or any other brand who uses young buff topless dudes as models.

2. Going to places like concerts, bars, movies where girls young enough to be their daughters would go. Or worse, actually dating girls young enough to be their daughter.

And the number 1 thing that seems to scream MID LIFE CRISIS to women of all ages... guys over about 35 in American sports cars.

I'm proud to admit I'm guilty of all five...old dogs rock!