It's been one hell of week for many communities in the Midwest and Southeastern United States, and with another vicious day taking its toll on the far Eastern part of the U.S. Tuesday, the first serious outbreak of 2014 is a sinister reminder of how powerful nature is.

First and foremost, out thoughts are with those suffering from any damages from the past couple of days. At least 35 lives have been claimed by the wicked weather across a good majority of the States. Now, with many different videos popping up on YouTube and other social media alike, we're getting a close look at what severe storms did this past week.

It goes without saying that people simply need help, and you can help by donating through many different organizations including this one, Portlight Strategies, by clicking here.

Although we've had nasty days filled with dirt, we're still very much within the realm of possibility of having tornadoes in our own backyard, so be sure you're prepared for anything if nature comes knocking...