With an unusual weather pattern for this late in the year, the National Weather Service was right on the money with the designation of Sunday afternoon being a "high risk" for a tornado outbreak over the Midwestern states.

The swath of severe weather affected Illinois the most, as the latest reports have five dead due to the high winds and tornadoes. The earliest damage came in the town of Washington, Illinois, as buildings were completely leveled and splintered.

The system moved through Indiana, then ripped through Ohio, as the system is now making its way through Pennsylvania and New York. The main threat now is mainly straight line winds with a marginal tornado threat.

With dozens of preliminary tornado reports from spotters in the area of the storms, it's safe to say we're all reminded of the wrath that Mother Nature can lash out. If you're ever in the area of any of storm, never underestimate what it can do. Know your safety rules for these events and be prepared accordingly.

Our thoughts go out to those afflicted.