Just a reminder for those of you keeping up with the people who want to spend your money. Tornado sirens would have went off twice last week..and your kids, the elderly, your animals...all would have been scared for nothing...and it would have just made you more complacent about the next time they go off.


I think we can all agree that government spends too much money. Where our solidarity starts to splinter is on HOW governments spend our money. If we all had great jobs and great streets and beautiful parks we'd all be happy. Somewhere in the political process things turn ugly, favors get done and political projects get taking on for the wrong reasons. So much is now being spent, a lot of it on the wrong things, that we have to look at the realities of every new dollar we're thinking of spending. I just don't see tornado sirens as a cost effective use of our money. It's a gamble, I know. Everything is a gamble. People have seemed to latch onto my idea of "mosquito sirens". You see, you are MUCH MORE likely to die of West Nile virus than you are to die in a tornado. So what are you going to do? Spend money eradicating mosquitoes or put that money towards tornado sirens? Are you going to put money towards banning texting while driving or towards STD prevention and cure at the Health department? There's a million ways to spend our money and I just have to go on the side of the things that are MOST LIKELY to affect us.

If you're concerned about the weather, buy a weather radio. They go off when the National Weather Service sends out an emergency bulletin. This tornado siren thing has turned into a promotional t.v. campaign and I don't want to pay for the sirens just so you'll turn on their t.v. station when there's an alert. We just have much more pressing concerns than these sirens right now. The city is looking at the possibility of locking in a 25 year contract on these things. It's already been 43 years since we were last hit by a tornado. The odds are, we will never be hit again. Yes it could happen, but so could anything.

And once again, remember, those sirens would have went off twice last week. Would you still be paying attention after another half dozen or two dozen, or fifty false alarms?