I guess this is the first time "The Lone Ranger" actually gets second billing to "Tonto". Then again, in this movie "Tonto" is Johnny Depp. In this go around the Lone Ranger evidently takes on the railroad, or defends the railroad or just jumps around on the railroad, I'm not real sure. More after the break.


I'm a huge fan of the AMC show "Hell On Wheels".  If you're a fan too, you might notice that this seems to follow that storyline just a bit.  Apparently it takes place as the railroad is being built across the country and involves a three way fight between good guys, bad guys and Indians (yes I know they are 'Native Americans" but I'm willing to bet cash that in the movie they care called "Indians".  Anways, Depp was stellar in Dark Shadows and has rarely disappointed in anything else, so this will probably rock.  Here's the trailer: