You wanna rock?  You gotta see Trapt.  Trapt is one of those bands that you don't realize how many great songs they have until you see them live.  I'm going to try to remedy that with just a few music videos after the jump.

Trapt plays Jake's Sports Cafe in the Backroom this Monday night.  Also on the bill are Candlelight Red and A Road Less Taken (we're unsure if "The Dreaming" is part of the bill at this time).  Anyways, it promises to be a stellar night of rock.  Hopefully you have Tuesday off, or you can take Tuesday off and get your rocks off!  Here's just a sample of Trapt's tunes:


Bring It

Who's Going Home With You Tonight

Still Frame

Be listening for the FMX Ticketmonster to score your tickets to see Trapt!