Well this is an interesting problem. There aren't enough babies in Denmark.  So a travel company has played fast and loose with a few facts to encourage some baby making. The result is a kind of funny, kind of sexy two minute commercial.


While the rest of the world suffers from overpopulation, Denmark has behaved responsibly. It's a little too responsible for some.  In fact the Danish population is actually falling.  Poor folks will actually now have too much too much to eat and too much clean air to breathe.

A travel company called "Spies" is actually using this information as an excuse to send people on vacation (hopefully to have sex) with the winner of a contest getting a bunch of free baby supplies.  So what if you can't have a baby?  Well the company answers that question too.  Despite the ad not being in English, it's pretty easy to understand what's going on here.  Check out the video now: