If you ask people in Lubbock what there is to do a lot of them will tell you nothing. That simply is not true though, there is always something to do, the trick is paying attention to the radio...HELLO... TV, the newspaper, or online around town sites.For example on our site if you look under the events tab you will get a drop down with the word calendar, click on it and see numerous events going on around town both musical, sports and other entertainment events (like Nightmare on 19th which kicks off later this month). And these are just the ones people have asked us to let you guys know about.

Most nights yu will be able to find live music, plays, dance classes and other stuff going on all over town, the trick is just listening, asking and paying attention.

I just found out there will be a tribute Friday night to Journey, Areosmith and Prince at the Cactus Theater, and honestly people, who doesn't love Journey?

Do you know of live events going on in town? If you do post them here and let other people know that there are things to do in town