So what do you have planned this Thanksgiving day?  Are you cooking?  Are you traveling? Maybe you're just drinking beer in the garage while you wait to deep fry a turkey.  More after the jump.


Let's assume you're a football fan.  We'll help you out.  At 10:30 The Texans take on the Lions.  At 3:15 it's the Cowboys and Redskins.  The night concludes with the Patriots and Jets at 7:20.

So that's a pretty full Thanksgiving schedule of football, but we're betting you can squeeze a little rockin' into your schedule.  From midnight to midnight FMX will be bringing you "Turkey Day" Triple plays.  We'll give you three or more from your favorite bands for 24 hours.  Also, the RockShow will continue our commitment to bring you a brand new show even though it's a holiday.  Our motto is: if you're working, we're working.

Hopefully you have a little time off this Thursday. Whether you do or not, FMX will be there for you so crank it up!