Remember a few weeks ago I told you guys about Woody's secret obsession with True Blood, and how she sucked me in by sneaking off to watch it alone, which naturally got my curiosity up.Well, last night was the season 5 premiere and despite the fact that we were on the lake I KNEW Woody had a plan.

And I was right, when I asked her if she had remembered to set the DVR to record she got this look that told me she had indeed forgotten. Yet in true tech geek style she whipped out her phone, pulled up her Directv app and set the damn thing to record FROM THE MIDDLE OF THE LAKE... That's my girl!

So, when we got home, we showered and sat down to watch the first night of the season.

In just one short hour there was kidnapping, sex,  attempted murder, sex,  murder, sex,  fighting, sex,  "changing," a body went missing, sex, fighting, sex, and much, much more.

Judging from the way the first episode went this season is not only going to be hot, but exciting and full of twists and turns that most shows just do not have.

If you are a True Blood fan you know what I'm saying, IF you have not seen it, get HBO today and get caught up before next Sunday.