Ohh, those little green dots dancing around on Pam's ample chest. I could watch those all day, and I'm not talking about the green dots. True Blood is about to return for a sixth season and they've issued a pretty cool highlight reel to get you pumped. More after the jump.


Okay, I know this is just the highlight reel, but I noticed the same thing last season; there's plenty of guys ripping their shirts off and far too many females doing the same.  Please note that I'm not the sex-starved teen I once was, but hey, fair is fair.  Do you think I'm being a bit sleazy?  Well, then look at this trailer.  It's just chock full of shirtless vamps, werewolves and whatnot.

On other item, why would a vampire that can move so quick that you can't see them,  need a gun?  I'm still trying to figure that one out.  Here's the highlight reel for True Blood Season Six:

June 16th