Jeez, I don't want to even get into specifics, but does it not seem like the dumbest stuff gets WAY more traction on the web?  If there is a lie, exaggeration or some other modern day magic or miracle, people spread it as it was the gospel (ironically a lot of it has to do with the gospel).  However, if you hit back with real science or facts, it seems you're ignored.


I guess it's more fun to believe that a bunch of rocks is Noah's Ark or that a gorilla suit in a freezer is a bigfoot skin, but some people actually take this crap as 'evidence'.  My mind doesn't work that way. My mind respects scientific method. I don't believe you just throw up your hands and say "it's magic", it's up to you to PROVE to me it's magic.  So far, I haven't seen anything that can't be explained away.  I would say the list of things I believe in is a lot shorter than the stuff I believe in, but when it comes to supernatural things, the list of things I believe in is zero.  I think it's all nonsense.  Now, what about what the call "cryptozoology", as in weird shadowy hard to find animals?  Well, sorry I'm not buying into any bigfoot, mermaids, birds the size of houses or any of that junk, but there's probably some species that we haven't seen. Heck, who even knows what's in the bottom of the ocean?

So what about you?  Do you pass on mystical, unproven stuff because it's "interesting" or do you hold back and wait to see if it's b.s. or not?  I'd really like to know the motivation of the people who pass this stuff along.