Sunday is football day, so naturally when I saw the American Music Awards were on the same time as football I had to make a choice, of what to record and what to watch. It was a pretty easy decision considering recording football is just dumb to me.

So tonight I sat down to watch the AMA's and I have to say I was not really all that surprised at the winners, Justin Bieber...OMG, Katy Perry... Oh my goodness, Taylor wow...

I have to admit, I don't really watch to see who wins what though, because music is a personal thing to me not necessarily a main stream popularity contest. That's just me though.

What I do like to see is the creativity put into the live performances by most artists, and I have to say some really, REALLY do surprise  me. Last year, I personally was very impressed by the gutsy performance given by Nicki Minaj. she did exactly what she set out to do and that is get people talking about her. Good press, bad press, is still press... doesn't matter, it creates a buzz and gets people who like the music buying, and those who don't, or have never heard of the artist start checking it out to see what everyone is talking about.

This year I have to say I was blown away by Pink's performance of her latest song "Try." Keeping in mind she just had a baby, combine that with the fact that she is already smoking hot and WOW!

Pink has put out some pretty controversial songs like "Dear Mr. President," and "Family Portrait," and she has done it again with this song and the live performance on the AMA's.

Wow, just WOW...