I'm glad to see that the President has already toured tornado stricken areas in the Southeast. The response to hurricane Katrina was, not so much, and the BP oil spill was more environmental (for the time being) than immediate threats to life and limb. The problem with helping troubled areas is the problem with government itself; it's hard for something so big and cumbersome to move quickly. When there is a natural disaster people will need help in the weeks and months to come, but more importantly the need help immediately! With over 300 dead in the recent twister there has to be problems as simple, and complex at the same time, as storage of the bodies. Roads will need to be cleared and infrastructure, like power and water, will need to be rerun as quickly as possible.

We cannot always at first, we have to be strong in order to share our strength. Let's do whatever, and support whatever actions are taken to help with Twister relief. Let's not forget that this could have easily have been us picking through debris and looking for bodies.