"Built For War" and "The Blackest Crow" are the next two songs up on the streaming list, as the entire "Super Collider" album will be released this upcoming Tuesday, June 4th.

"Built For War" is a tried and true Megadeth sound. It's a heavy, marching tune complete with the wall of guitars, a churning drum track, even chants that make you want to pump your fist along and shout in time.

What I like about this band is the fact that they can throw in things like Kentucky-inspired banjo lines, such as in "The Blackest Crow", and then lay heavily distorted six-string barrages right over all of it. The song itself really has some awesome storytelling in the music throughout.

Gigantour pummels the Hub City on 7/13.

Check out "Built For War" here.

Check out "The Blackest Crow" here