KFMX has a long history of helping the South Plains Food Bank (ask your dad about the old "FMX Beach Parties").  It just makes sense to help the hungry this way.  Canned and boxes foods are easy to distribute, organize and pass out. It also helps to have an organization involved because they can maximize the use of the food by combining it with other resources and donations.  More after the jump.

It's easy to help-bring some professionally packaged canned or boxed food to the donation point at the United Supermarket at 82nd and Frankford.  The goal this year is 500,000 pounds of food (not to mention the need for cash). You can donate anytime.  It never hurts for you to rotate some of your older canned food items out of your pantry, give them to the food drive, then replace them later.  Please help out when you can.  Rooster and myself (Wes) will be out Thursday night at six. It would be great to have support from the rock community.