Let me put this right out there, "Hybrid Theory" may be one of the last great front-to-back albums out there.  At a time when even the best albums strive for a couple of singles and a bunch of filler, Linkin Park knocked SIX singles of their 2000 debut.  More after the jump.


Linkin Parks story is a lot like the Beatles and Boston, all were rejected by tons of record labels before one finally "took a chance on them" and they each became some of the biggest bands on earth.  The resulting debut album, is what we refer to a "needle drop" record in the radio industry.  What it means is that "you could drop a record needle anywhere on the record and still hear a great song".  The album went six singles deep and could have had more but the band decided to move on and release their second album.  Here's the videos for the "big six" from Linkin Parks "Hybrid Theory".