Whoa, don't run off so quickly!  I know you're probably a little too young to consider "The Wall" cool listening, but I've got some pretty cool arguments here.  Sure "The Wall" dropped in 1979 but it was so far ahead of it's time, it still has a place in modern music.  More after the jump.


We don't really play Pink Floyd or "The Wall" anymore on FMX.  We play Korn's version of the "Another Brick In The Wall/Goodbye Cruel World" suite.  So why would I include these albums on a list for FMX listeners?  It's simple, for some reason even the songs you've heard over and over on the radio sound very, very different when they are heard in the context of the album.  They aren't different mixes and they aren't different versions, but they somehow sound better and mean more when you hear them in context.  You can't really even think of listening to "The Wall" as listening to an album, it's more like watching a movie with your eyes closed. Everyone deserves to have the experience of listening to this album (originally a double album or c.d.) in its entirety, front to back ant lease once.

And no, even though I'm going to include it,  watching the movie version IS awesome, but still not the adventure that listening to the album is.