A few days ago, I told you all about a band called Arco's Angel, a side project from the guys in HURT; well today I have more details for you as well as information on a forthcoming album.

As of this morning, I found out that the HURT boys are currently in the process of making a fully self-funded, self-released album. In other words, that means not only are they performing the music, they are also taking full responsibility for recording, mixing, promoting, and putting the new music out a without the assistance of a label, a producer, or record company. This project is literally 100% their baby.

As of right now they are shooting for a release date of April 4, 2013 and are planning to make a "ultra-high-quality digital download" available for fans.

Keep checking back here often, I will give you all updates as soon as I get them.

If you missed it before, don't miss the preview of the new song, "Life's Love Loss."