The fist time I saw Upon A Burning Body was in Amarillo, Tx at the worst venue I have ever been in.

We had drove to Amarillo to see Carnifex and to our surprise a San Antonio band by the name of Upon A Burning Body threw down the opening set and they blew the roof off, literally. It was raining that night and the roof started to leak because of the sound in this small hole in the wall club. After their set I had to meet them and they were the coolest bros, I had to grab their album at the time entitled The World Is Ours and to this day I still use their track Showtime as my show opener for Everything Goes Black.

Upon A Burning Body have been to Lubbock a couple times and they are such a killer metal band to see live. I can not wait to see my bros again back in Lubbock.

"Mimic" comes off the bands latest release Red.White.Green