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e go again. More Leach scandals in Pullman already, yet we have some scandals of our own here as well. Light on those issues and more are available after you click through.

Seems like receivers continue to rock the stereotype of prima donna. Marquess Wilson recently said that Head Coach Mike Leach was abusive to him, basically expressing the same behavior towards Adam James just without the tool shed. Leach is in the limelight so you know he'll be looked at closely, but what about the "chosen one" Tommy Tuberville yanking the headset off an assistant/giving him a good smack? I think they should definitely do something about it, something that actually helps the organization as a whole.

Anyway, enough about that, let's get to some scores.

Top ranked Alabama was finally dethroned by ugly rival of Texas Tech, Texas A&M. Some people have drawn more of a comfort level with the Aggies after moving conferences though, and I must say I'm glad that they beat the Tide.

Florida escaped a near shocker against Louisiana-Lafayette, winning by a punt return in the waning seconds. Those Sun Belt teams sure seem to be doing something right.

Oregon State was handed its second loss of the season against a stingy Stanford team.

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In the NFL, we had the first tie in four years, as the 49er's and the Rams tied in San Francisco 24-24. Cincinnati smashed the Giants, who seem to be struggling. My Titans took it to the Dolphins in Miami, 37-3, and the then-undefeated Atlanta Falcons were finally shot down by the Saints in New Orleans.

NASCAR has handed down some penalties to both Gordon and Keselowski, as Gordon was docked 25 points and fined $100 Grand for his intentional wreck of Clint Bowyer. Keselowski was fined $25 Grand for using his phone to tweet during the red flag of that same crash. It was another wild week, but let's see what happens this week...