Who knows whats going on in the Van Halen camp?  It has to take something big for those guys to walk away from millions on the table.  The dates that Van Halen had previously said were "postponed" are all now being listed as cancelled.  More after the jump.

The Van Halen News Desk says various reports are that the band is just 'burned out' after playing a couple months of touring (tough life huh?).  The timing of all of this is really kind of weird; those people we know who made the trip to the Metroplex said the band was 'spot on'.  Supposedly the band will still honor it's Japanese dates and there are whispers of some 'big event' in the bands future (don't you wish it was a reunion with Micheal Anthony).  So what dates are cancelled?  Uh, if you're not going to Japan, you're not seeing Van Halen in the U.S. this year.

I really wish these guys would have left the legacy alone instead of cheapening it with a kid bass player and a half ass effort from the rest of the guys. I'm glad you folks who made it to Dallas had a good time. I just think this is kind of embarrassing.