Vince Neil dropped by a Motley Crue after party the other night, where a teenage band called Going Dark was playing. The singer of the band is 12 years old, and the other two members are 14 and 16. This will seem important for 2 reasons in just a second.

First of all being that young and having your band play an after party for one of the biggest rock bands in the world has to be pretty sweet. Even sweeter when the lead singer of said band drops into the party and jumps on stage with your teenage band. Better still when said singer, a world famous poon-hound, brings along porn star Lisa Ann!

Ok so all of a sudden your life shoots straight to awesome. You start jamming a quintessential Crue song, "Girls, Girls, Girls." Vince grabs the mic and...forgets the words again! Watch this video, there's a spot right after the FIRST VERSE where Vince forgets where he sings, and what he sings. The band, however, plays on without him because at least THEY know how his song goes.

Let's revisit this:
Your band jams a Motley Crue after party-Awesome!
Vince Neil attends after party-Awesome!
Vince brings porn star-Awesome!
Vince gets on stage to sing his song with your band-Awesome!
Vince, as usual, forgets the words to his own song-BULLS#!T.

Yes its true Vince was upstaged during one of his own songs by a band with a 12 year old, a 14 year old, and a 16 year old.