It just seems to come up in interviews and conversations is the potential for a "Pantera Reunion" where the lineup would be Vinnie Paul, Rex Brown, Phil Anselmo and Zakk Wylde filling in for Dimebag Darrell who was murdered on stage in 2004.

Vinnie Paul drummer of Pantera and current drummer of HELLYEAH once again squashed any kind of "Pantera Reunion" and I support his view 100% and in this interview he doesn't leave any room for speculation.

I have always respected Vinnie for his choice to continue to play and music as well as keep Pantera, Damageplan separate and by that I mean not having to rely on those bands to stay relevant.

Checkout the video interview and lets get ready for HELLYEAH to return to Lubbock on October 21st for The FMX Freakfest!