7-11 is back with another clever marketing campaign.  They've actually done this a couple times before, but they want you to 'vote' for your favorite candidate by buying either a 'Romney" or "Obama" Cup.  The cups come in blue and red of course.  Some thoughts on this process next.

So USA TODAY is reporting that you can buy your coffee in either a red Romney cup or a blue Obama cup. Here's the differences between the cups-

*With the Obama cup, you're supposed to get 'change' but you don't get it.

*With the Romney cup, you have to fill it up overseas.

Yeah, it's fodder for some dumb votes, but get this; in the three previous times that 7-11 has run this promotion, it's correctly predicted the winner of the Presidential race every time.  Now I'm no statistician but I would say within the equal use of 7-11's by all people, is a pretty good chunk of data.  You could pretty much predict anything based on 7-11 customers.  At the same time, you'd think that the fact that people have to buy a certain thing would throw of the results, but the sample size is so big, it doesn't factor in.  This sample as once again for the presidential race among coffee drinkers.  If you wanted to predict congress, I think they'd have to go with something goofier, like maybe a Slurpee or bags of nuts.