As we mentioned in our newest RockShow feature, "Vote Or Don't", most of America's politicians are morons. So we here at the RockShow are making it our mission during this upcoming political season to find each and every one of them and expose them for what they are-dumbasses. We have no partisan lean to this bit, we don't swing one way or the other, but we do swing...Anyway we just want you the American voter to know exactly what your options are for 2012. So far its not pretty. Here's Michelle Bachmann, our inaugural dumbass, proving that even though Waterloo, Iowa is her home town, she doesn't know s#!t about it. she states that John Wayne is from her home town. XXXX Wrong! It's John Wayne Gacy. Movie superstar and acting legend, or serial killer? Don't know the difference? Look it up dumbass.