I think every guy over 30 has a thing for Pam from "True Blood".  She's the Barbie Doll-like Dominatrix who runs "Fangtasia"  (for Eric) on True Blood.  Those of us with a discerning eye not only like her sly meanness, but her amazing hourglass figure.  The deal is, she's obviously an 'older' woman, so where has she been all of our lives.  More after the jump.

"Pam" is played by Kristen Bauer (von Straten-she's listed as an actress under both names).  She has been on everything (Bones, CSI, Star Trek, George Lopez, and even older shows like Seinfeld and L.A. Law.  She's even done voices on some of the Justice League cartoons).  Basically this was an actress who was just waiting for that opportunity to break through. Like a lot of actresses who've been around a while, she's dabbled a bit in showing off her nummy parts as well.

In 2000 the then uber-hot Darryl Hannah (Splash) made a horrible little movie called "Dancing At The Blue Iguna".  The movie was a big deal at the time because it featured Hannah, Jennifer Tilly and even the kind of unattractive Sandra Oh as strippers in various states of undress.  Bauer also appeared in the movie topless, and it's really impressive. You can see her in the trailer below swinging a whip, and later unzipping her top.  Of course, there's no nudity here, and stills are HARD to find on the internet, but they are out there.  How about one of you rent this p.o.s. and get us some decent still shots?

While looking for still shots of "Pam" I found this "best of Pam" video. It features a very suggestive scene, so beware it's NSFW.

And if there is one quote "Pam" will forever be known for it's this one  (once again, DIRTY WORDS):