Some of you are aware of the club Luxor. It's apparently a place that sells car by night and caters to folks with alternative lifestyles at night. What you may not know is that used to be the hottest rock club in town.

That big gray building off of Marsha Sharp was known as "The Rox" and it hosted up and coming rock bands like you would not believe.  Early classic rockers like Pat Benatar and Head East played there. Then came new wave and the club hosted The Clash, The Cramps and even some kids called U2.  The club closed sometime after New  Wave peaked and  then the owner opened a club called Abbey Road  (in the same shopping center as Mamarita's and the Outdoorsman) that continued the "hot new band" tradition through the metal years.

That's where today's story comes in kids. Check out these two unused tickets I found from the show (I actually have some of "Boy" album posters they put up in the club somewhere as well).  This was also one of the shows I missed (now you know why the tickets are unused).

I'm actually not that nostalgic.  I just cleaned out some closets and all this stuff fell out at the same time.  I'll share what I can with you guys.